403 Forbidden and Forms Authentication with MOSS

We have a public MOSS site setup to use Forms Authentication for protected content. When the user hits files in certain document libraries, the user is automatically redirected to the login page and then returned to the document after a successful login. However, for some users, when they click a link to view a protected file they are not redirected to the login page and a “403 Forbidden” error message is displayed in Internet Explorer. This behavior does not occur in non-IE browsers (Firefox, Safari).

After some research I found this article. It looks like the culprit is a Microsoft add-in for Office Live.

Fix: Uninstall the application called “Microsoft Office Live Add-in 1.3”. That solved the problem right away. No system reboot or browser restart necessary…


MOSS Search Indexer “Access is Denied”

Have a MOSS farm the a web front-end and a separate search indexer. After installing some patches the indexer started failing with an Access is Denied message. MOSS configures a dedicated index machine by adding an entry to the HOSTS file that points the MOSS sites to the indexer’s IP address. If you try to connect to your MOSS site on the Indexer’s desktop you will unable to connect.

The patches are KB960803 and KB963027. You can read the notes here.

Following the instructions for Method 1 in the article fixed the problem and indexer was able to access and index the content again. The fix is a small registry entry that allows local connections to other host names.

“Unable to load client print control” in Reporting Services 2005

The user gets a dialog stating “Unable to load client print control” when clicking the print button on a Reporting Services 2005 report.

There much written about this and what Microsoft update broke this so I won’t repeat it here. (Google – reporting services “Unable to load client print control”)

The bottom line is that there’s an update that added a “kill-bit” associated to the ActiveX printing control used by Reporting Services. There’s an update to Reporting Services that supposedly fixes this http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?FamilyID=82833f27-081d-4b72-83ef-2836360a904d&DisplayLang=en

OR you can uninstall these 2 updates KB956803 & KB956391

OR you can just delete the registry entry causing the problem
Copy the red text below into a file with a REG file extension and double-click it

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

[-HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\ActiveX Compatibility\{FA91DF8D-53AB-455D-AB20-F2F023E498D3}]

Blank Dialog Using Send To

You can setup a “Send To” destination for a library so that users can easily copy files and all of it’s properties to another library. Very handy if you have a lot custom columns on the document library.

When a user selects “Send To” and a predefined destination on a SharePoint document, the user is redirected to a page with the destination and if the author should be prompted to send out updates. When the user clicks OK, a dialog box pops up with no message.

We found that this issue was solved by having the user run Microsoft Office 2007 diagnostics. This utility appears to fix the problem.

BTW, Firefox doesn’t have this problem… 🙂

Using IE8 With MOSS

If you’re using IE8 you’ll notice that some of the content in MOSS pages doesn’t work as designed. The issues will only occur if IE8 is rendering the content in native mode, which is only used in Internet zones. This is apparently related to some of the controls used to render the navigation. This is easily solved by rendering your site with an HTTP response header that tells IE8 to render the site in IE7 compatibility mode.

I added the HTTP response header to my MOSS internet site as described in this article and it now renders in IE7 compatibility mode.

Datasheet View Issues and Library Not Registered

A follow-on to a previous post on issues with the datasheet view and other issues related to conflicts with Office 2007 and 2003. We ran across another error where the datasheet view would display with no records and a javascript error. The javascript error reported “Library not registered”.

The fix is to do the following:

– Open Word
– Click the Office button (Top-left in the window)
– Click Word Options
– Click Resources
– Click the Diagnose button
– Click through the wizard until it’s finished
– Close all browser windows

That’s fixed all of our issues…

Errors Uploading Files to SharePoint After SP1

We have 2 different MOSS farms (internal and external) and most of our users upload files ranging in size from under 1 MB to over 100 MB. In the past we had the typical SharePoint issues with users uploading large files when they were in remote locations with a slow upload speed.

We installed WSS and MOSS SP1 on our external farm first and immediately received reports of problems uploading files over 2 MB. About a month later we upgraded our internal farm to SP1 and, again, immediately had reports of problems uploading files.

After much digging and not seeing anyone else with this problem, I ran across a Microsoft KB article that eventually solved my problem. I tried several things before I found the magic fix.

So what’s the fix?
Modify the web.config in your SharePoint site to include the following:

Look for this line:
<httpRuntime maxRequestLength=51200 />

Change it to this
<httpRuntime executionTimeout=999999 maxRequestLength=51200 />

The Microsoft KB article is here

This small change fixed the problem on both of our farms.