2 Responses to “Users in SharePoint Groups Using SQL”

  1. oKuxy Says:

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  2. luis fernando rodrigues dos santos Says:

    You need to add site id in the join:

    SELECT DISTINCT u.tp_Login, g.Title AS GroupTitle, w.FullUrl, w.SiteId, w.Id, w.Title, g.Description
    FROM [WSS_Content_lider].[dbo].Groups g INNER JOIN
    [WSS_Content_lider].[dbo].Webs w ON g.SiteId = w.SiteId
    INNER JOIN [WSS_Content_lider].[dbo].GroupMembership gm ON gm.GroupId = g.ID
    INNER JOIN [WSS_Content_lider].[dbo].UserInfo u ON u.tp_ID = gm.MemberId and u.tp_SiteID = w.SiteId

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