Failed to get value of the “Approval Status”

The full error message reads “Failed to get value of the “Approval Status” column from the “Moderation Status” field type control”. This error has started occuring on document libraries containg web part pages that were upgraded from SPS 2003. The Hidden property on the Approval Status field has somehow been set to false. The Hidden property should be True.

I found this fix. Download a utility called SharePoint Manager 2007 from this site.
Run the application on a SharePoint server.
Go to View – Object Model and make sure “Full” is selected.
Browse to the library in the treeview.
Open the list of Fields and select the Approval Status field.
Change the Hidden property to True.
If the property is already set to True then change it to false and save it. Then change it back to True and save again.


One Response to “Failed to get value of the “Approval Status””

  1. Robegoja Says:

    Kerry Great Article, A couple things that you should add to this workaround. 1) its not permanent, 2) probably not supported because the approval status field is controlled by SharePoint when you toggle on and off the content approval list setting. So if you turn on Content Approval on a list it sets the “Approval Status” or (internalname: _ModerationStatus) to False. If Content Approval is set to False or turned off then is changes “Approval Status” to True. Yes the issue is indeed related to Lists that were upgraded or migrated from SPS 2003 to SPS 2007 the problem here is that the List SchemaXML of the list has the source ID referencing that list and the Source ID is not upgraded/updated for _ModerationStatus and _ModerationComments. So for instance if you were to do a database attach upgrade from 2003 you would not see the issue because the list schema for the list is matching the GUID for the LIst ID but if you should later export and import or say replicate the list or anything that is not retaining the Identity of the list then you will see this issue.

    Also if you were to toggle the content approval setting, or anything fixes back the Approval Status to its correct setting then backing up and restoring that list again will have the issue appear again, not to mention if you again upgrade to a later version of the product.

    The appropriate thing to do for the solution is actually update the SchemaXML for two fields for the list that had content approval turned on in SPS 2003 prior to upgrade or migration.

    It can be done in a similar way to the solution provided by Microsoft for that PermMask issue of the pass where you had to fix the Field Schema for PermMask, You would need to fix the Source ID attribute in the SchemaXML for the two fields _ModerationStatus and _ModerationComments. This PermMask fix is a good starting point

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