Mass Deleting Document Version History

Version history takes a huge amount of disk space
The following SQL will delete the version history for a specific doc or set of docs
BE VERY CAREFUL! Remove the first line and run a SELECT statement first so you don’t delete the wrong versions!

Set the DirName = to the path to the doc library
Set the leafname = to the name of the file

delete from alldocversions
from alldocversions v inner join alldocstreams s on =
inner join alldocs d on =
where DirName = ‘FolderPath’ and leafname like ‘a%’

Here’s a cursor procedure to delete selected files

declare @dirname varchar(100)
declare @leafname varchar(255)

DECLARE complex_cursor CURSOR FOR
    select distinct DirName, LeafName
 from alldocversions v inner join alldocstreams s on =
 inner join alldocs d on =
 where DirName like ‘Folderpath%’ and leafname like ‘c%’;
OPEN complex_cursor;
FETCH NEXT FROM complex_cursor INTO @dirname, @leafname
 PRINT ‘Deleting ‘ + @dirname + ‘, ‘ + @leafname

 DELETE FROM alldocversions
 FROM alldocversions v inner join alldocstreams s on =
 inner join alldocs d on =
 where DirName = @dirname and leafname = @leafname

 FETCH NEXT FROM complex_cursor INTO @dirname, @leafname
CLOSE complex_cursor;
DEALLOCATE complex_cursor;



3 Responses to “Mass Deleting Document Version History”

  1. Callum Says:

    You shouldn’t ever be directly accessing the SharePoint databases, its not supported by Microsoft and can result in unwanted locks and other errors.
    To do things like this you need to learn to use the SharePoint APIs that exist for exactly these purposes.

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