Errors Uploading Files to SharePoint After SP1

We have 2 different MOSS farms (internal and external) and most of our users upload files ranging in size from under 1 MB to over 100 MB. In the past we had the typical SharePoint issues with users uploading large files when they were in remote locations with a slow upload speed.

We installed WSS and MOSS SP1 on our external farm first and immediately received reports of problems uploading files over 2 MB. About a month later we upgraded our internal farm to SP1 and, again, immediately had reports of problems uploading files.

After much digging and not seeing anyone else with this problem, I ran across a Microsoft KB article that eventually solved my problem. I tried several things before I found the magic fix.

So what’s the fix?
Modify the web.config in your SharePoint site to include the following:

Look for this line:
<httpRuntime maxRequestLength=51200 />

Change it to this
<httpRuntime executionTimeout=999999 maxRequestLength=51200 />

The Microsoft KB article is here

This small change fixed the problem on both of our farms.


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