MOSS SEO – Robots.txt

It’s fairly easy to add a robots.txt file to your public anonymous MOSS site. Just open up your root site in SharePoint Designer. Right-click the top folder with your site URL and select New – SharePoint Content. Click the Page tab, select Text File and click OK.

Add the robots.txt file content and save it as “robots.txt”. That’s it!

Make sure the file is accessible to search engines by going to your site URL with a “/robots.txt” at the end. You should see the contents of your robots.txt file in the browser.


6 Responses to “MOSS SEO – Robots.txt”

  1. Jack Says:

    Nice information.
    Thanks for sharing

  2. Χρήστος Says:


  3. Arjita Says:

    Hi There

    I want to use the Robots.txt file so that Google and other Search Engines cannot get to my MOSS site

    Can you tell how exactly would the contents of this file be for my site..And where exactly should I putting this..Would this file go on the server or go on a page on the MOSS site.


    • Kerry Says:

      If you wanted to block search engines you would put the following in your robots.txt file:
      User-agent: *
      Disallow: /

      Follow the instructions in this posting to create the file using SharePoint Designer.
      This works for any security (NTLM/FBA) because the file should be anonymous access.

  4. Arjita Says:

    Also will this solution work for an FBA site

  5. Arjita Says:

    Thanks for your prompt response Kerry!

    I am a little confused you say It will work for FBA ..but I cant get to the file robots.txt unless i login..Are you saying I give only the file anonymous access..and since this page doesnt really reside in the Pages directory I am sure how can i give it anonymous access.

    Thanks in advance

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